The body wave bundles have become the go-to choice for women looking to rock 100% human hair in recent years. These waves are attractive and relatively long-lasting. Body wave hair typically takes the shape of a big S. For long body wave bundles, the S structure begins at the shoulder and falls behind the body. On the other hand, if you have short hair, it usually has a short S, which is usually cutter and more profound. Body wave weaves or wigs are usually straight and smooth at the top as the curl appears slightly at the bottom of the hair. Now that you know the description of body waves, you can check out the body wave hair benefits below.

Benefits of body wave hair

Below are some reasons body wave bundles should be at the top of your hair shopping list;

1. Quality

One of the primary characteristics of body wave is that it is usually made on two types of material; synthetic or 100% human hair. This means that there is no in-between. The curls do not take on mock human hair or semi-human hair. This works to their advantage regarding their quality. Body wave human hair is attractive and features impressive high-quality.

On the other hand, body wave synthetic hair usually lasts longer. It does not tangle or get loose even after wearing it for a long time. However, this also depends on the hair product’s construction quality. The quality also depends on the brand.

2. Body wave curls are easy to achieve

Even if you do not purchase a wig or hair bundles with body wave curls, you can always create the curls at home. You will need a hot iron or curling iron for the task. Note that you can only use heat treatments on authentic human hair products. Making body wave curls is easy. You have to section your hair into small parts and use a curling iron to create the curls. If your hair bundles are not made from human hair, you can still create body wave curls using rollers. Part the hair into sections and apply the large rollers, then let them stay overnight or for a while. However, curls made from curling irons usually last longer than curls made from rollers.

3. Body wave hair is easy to style

You can try out several styles with your body wave hair. The fact that the top is usually flat allows you to try different parts and hairstyles. You can have the hair in a ponytail, half ponytail, all layed back or parted in the middle or side. Regardless of your style choice, you can count on great results.


Body wave hair is not a new trend in the hair market. People started wearing body wave hair as far back as the mid-1950s. Back then, this was the most straightforward hair curl style to achieve without needing advanced or complex tools and hair products. Body wave hair’s popularity has remained intact over the years for the same reason. Anyone can wear body wave hair. The trick is to play around with different styling techniques.


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