There is a famous saying that we can find out whether an egg is rotten or not by submerging it in water. Similarly, we can easily find out whether our brake calipers are bad or not just by following some tips and tricks. As it’s the essential part of a vehicle hence it requires extra attention.

But there are lots of drivers who are still unaware of the brake caliper system and want to know how do I know if my brake caliper is bad whenever your braking system gets into any disturbance you will be given some signs immediately just like rotten eggs. The given article will further enhance your info related to this topic.

What Does Brake Caliper Mean?

Before moving to our main topic, let’s have some basic info about brake calipers and their purpose. One of the components of a brake system is the caliper and the operating procedure of the whole system depends upon the hydraulic pressure.

The brake caliper plays an important role in providing force to the wheel to stop its movement. Whenever the driver uses the brake then the brake pads are squeezed by the caliper and as a result, the vehicle’s speed reduces. Now, let’s see how we can examine whether our brake caliper is bad or not.

Ways to Know About Bad Brake Caliper

We all know that brake calipers are said to be long-lasting but the brake pads can be worn out with use. But sometimes, unusually they can also go bad but the question that arises in our mind is how to figure this out. Given are some signs that can make sure the brake caliper of our vehicle is not good and is in the condition of.

Brake caliper replacement:

  • The easiest and best way to begin to figure out whether something has gone bad or not is by doing a deep inspection. This is because your bad brake caliper will be figured out at the initial stage by regular inspection.
  • If you feel any kind of fluid leakage then it’s a sign that your brake caliper is bad and now it’s time to replace it.
  • In most cases when the brake caliper goes bad it tends to remain stuck and this will result in uneven brake pad wear. Hands due to bad brake calipers you will feel a dragging effect.
  • Moreover, bad brake calipers also result in making a very bad smell. As the worn brake pad by caliper becomes hot and smells awful.
  • There is a great chance that you hear a strange noise while braking. This is because a bad caliper can have a negative effect on the brake pad and it may be worn out.

Ending Remarks

Knowing about the braking system is common but lots of people are unaware of the brake caliper, its working and how to find out whether it is working correctly or not.  In our above article, we have tried discussing brake caliper and the easiest ways that you can consider to know about your bad brake caliper.


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